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An informative guide to all aspects of cruising in this wonderful World Heritage Area. The 164 page guide covers the amazing history of Shark Bay, provides an insight into the huge variety of marine fauna that inhabit the waters and gives clear directions to the best anchorages and stop over sites throughout the gulfs. Mud maps, waypoints and photographs support the descriptions. Handy hints and tips are given to keen recreational fishers and cruising skippers who just want a feed along the way. It is a must for all those intending on visiting the area.
Available in A5 sized softcover book or .pdf format e-book
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Available in A5 sized softcover book or .pdf format e-book

Terry and Christine Hinchliffe have a “no compromise” approach to cooking on small boats. Why accept tinned and dried goods when cooking up a delicious meal is within reach? This 152 page book covers such things as:
- setting up a workable small boat galley,
- foraging for, preparing and cooking seafood,
- provisioning a larder of essentials,
- cooking seafood, snacks, hearty meals, salads, sides, bread, curries, desserts, and more.
Includes more than 50 delicious recipes
A Small Boat Cruising Guide to Shark Bay
by Terry Hinchliffe & Leon Deschamps
The Small Boat Cook
by Christine & Terry Hinchliffe
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Three Plus One
by Terry Hinchliffe
Junior Fiction   10-12 yrs
Samantha Harrington is an ordinary 11 year old girl who is used to starting at new schools as her family travels around the state following her father's work as a policeman. When she starts at Kingsvale Primary School and makes three new friends, a strange power emerges, changing everyone's life and Sam finds herself in the role of leader of a very special group. Sam, Annie, Jamie and Tim quickly establish themselves as a new force at the school, upsetting the established leaders and surprising the teachers. When group is subject to bullying, Sam finds that the power of the group extends beyond simply being more confident. Being part of the group changes the lives of her new friends beyond their wildest dreams and together they navigate their way through the problems and difficulties that emerge. Follow Sam and her new group of friends as they deal with the difficulties of suddenly gaining a whole set of new powers.
Available in paperback or .epub format e-book
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