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Oct 2016 6 Mile Coral Pg 81 The waypoint for the 6 Mile Coral is incorrect. (it is actually Broadhurst Coral). The correct coordinates are S25 52.280 E113 26.580. The waypoint in the downloads file has been updated.
May 2017 Boathaven Loop Pg 155 The waypoint for the anchorage at [A] is too far south. The correct waypoint is
26 19.473S  113 30.615E
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April 2016 New Fishing Rules. Pg 25-30 New rules are in force for Shark Bay. Check the www.fish.wa.gov.au for details
April 2016 3G & 4G coverage Pg 23-24 The Telstra network in Denham now works on 4G although it appears to drop back to 3G or HSPDA once more than 8nm out to sea. Monkey Mia appears to be still 3G. Optus operates 3G and 4G in Denham but Monkey Mia is still proposed.
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Oct 2016 Denham Foreshore Upgrade Pg 46 As part of the Dirk Hartog 400th Celebrations, the Denham foreshore has been upgraded, with changes to the launching ramp area. More parking for cars and trailers is provided as well as a new one-way traffic system. There is an overflow parking area for cars and trailers up the hill behind the pub. Both ramps have been repaired and strengthened. The service jetty has been lengthened and a new finger jetty put on the slipway.
Oct 2016 New Denham Moorings Pg 76 As part of the preparations for the Dirk Hartog 400th Anniversary Ocean Classic Yacht Race, around 20 moorings were laid down off Denham to cater for the racing fleet. These are high quality moorings with enough holding power to cope with most situations.
Cost is on a donation basis to the Shark Bay Tourist Committee $30 per day. Contact Des Matthews at the Heritage Resort for queries.

Pay via direct deposit BSB 06 6509 Acct 0090 3058
Sept 2016 Denham Service Station Reopened Pg 76 The Denham Service Station closed in March 2016, leaving only one fuel outlet in Denham. It has reopened but no longer sells LPG.
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Oct 2016 Notch Point Sandbank Pg 122 While sailing between Quoin Bluff South and Notch Point recently we found that the charted depths (CMAP) of 2 to 3 metres extending out from Notch Point were more like 2 to 3 FEET. A shallow sand bar extends NE from Notch Point for quite some way out. It can be navigated with keel raised but care is needed.
Oct 2016 Big Lagoon Anchorages Pg 82 A reader reports that the holding at [A] is not good, due to a layer of rock under the sand. Anchorage point [B] provides better holding, despite being more open to fresh ESE breezes.
Nov 2017 Useless Inlet Pg 104 Jack and Jude (two intrepid cruising explorers) have published a set of waypoints (supplied by Ian and Sharon "Sally Cat") to enable keeled boats to safely enter Useless Inlet.
Click here for Jack and Jude's Web Site
Nov 2020 Sunday Bay Pg 114 The coordinates for Sunday Bay [A] are incorrect. They should be 26 7.475 S, 113 13.4889 E
Errata   Note: The changes listed in Errata have been updated in the e-Book versions after the listed date and all printed books marked as "Updated October 2017"
Shark Bay General
Western Gulf / Dirk Hartog
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March 2016 Monkey Mia Resort Pg 54 The Monkey Mia Resort is now owned by the RAC. Upgrades to the caravan park are planned. Discounts on accommodation are offered to RAC members.
Monkey Mia and Eastern Gulf
Readers are encouraged to contribute changes, new waypoints or notes about your own trips in Shark Bay via email.
Cruising Guide to Shark Bay